What we do

We develop community-owned renewable energy in the Lewes district. Our aim is to reduce Lewes’ carbon footprint and lower our dependence on imported energy. We do this in partnership with schools, businesses and community groups.

We have already completed seven projects to install PV panels (add link to completed projects) generating 250,000 kWh of electricity each year.

We raise money to fund these projects through community share offers so that local people can have a stake in what we do. We have 228 (update) investors from the Lewes district and its surroundings who have invested over £400,000 and receive interest payments annually.

We contribute surplus funds, and apply for grants, to promote and support energy efficiency in the area, as a community benefit. These include advice to households on insulation, a feasibility study for district heating, mentoring of those setting up similar community enterprises, fact-finding visits to existing installations.

OVESCO’s vision

Our vision is for a future in which 100% of our energy needs are generated locally from renewable sources.

OVESCO’s mission

Our mission is to generate community owned renewable energy locally and helps as many people as possible to do the same.

We educate and help people to use less oil, coal and gas. We share our experience to inspire others.

OVESCO Aims to:

• Develop RE projects for financial benefit and provide PR value by showing our partners commitment to a low carbon future.
• To provide opportunities for asset backed community/green investment.
• To supply a local energy efficiency advice.
• To inform/inspire the public to generate and reduce their energy usage.
• To create and support a local network of installers.
• To sell green, community controlled electricity.

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